When Maniesh took Salman Khan’s commitment dialogue seriously

Host-turned-actor Maniesh Paul is one of the busiest screen personality these days. Apart from hosting, movies, he will soon be seen hopping continents for his international Dabanng tour. This busy man injured himself and had to be operated for his injury. That didn’t stop him from fulfilling his professional commitment though! The actor made sure to be present at Chandigarh for a show. He had prior commitments despite the surgery.

The actor took to Instagram and updated us about his health status. In the post, Maniesh shared a picture of him sleeping on the bed with an IV cannula on his left hand. “Injury in the thigh.. had to be operated upon…im fine now… off to to punjab for a show…thanks for the wishes” read his post captions. Despite the recent injury and operation, Maniesh made sure he fulfilled his commitment and left for Punjab.

Maniesh left for Punjab as he had a professional commitment there. Manish would be judging the Miss Chandigarh beauty pageant and didn’t want to cancel because of his operation. This is call Dedication towards work.

Looks like Maniesh is taking his good friend Salman Khan’s dialogues of “Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, uske baad to mai khud ki bhi nahi sunta” quite seriously. Get well soon Sultan of the Stage..

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