Meet the Thane YouTuber Ayushi Singh who Inspires to Create

Ayushi Singh, the popular DIY Youtuber from Thane gives a sneak peak of her life.

1) What attracted you towards Vlogging as a career ? 
So 3 years back, I used to work in a stock broking firm! I always knew I am not made for this 9 to 5 job as I couldn’t use my creative side, create and inspire people with my ideas! I always wanted to be in front of the camera! Finally, I started a channel “CreationsToInspire” and Vlogging made everything possible!!
2) Did Thane City inspire you in some way? 
I have been living in Thane since 13 years and I have experienced the most important phases of my life in this city. It has given me everything! So Yes!! Somewhere it has inspired me to Think out of the box and do something different!
3) What kind of reaction do Thanekars give you on your career choice ?
Honestly when I started Vlogging it was really hard to explain! Or you know talking to a camera in public! But in these 3 years since I started my channel, I have noticed that people are now very much aware about Vlogging! They know what is YouTube.. What are vlogs! They are very understanding and interested to know more about this career choice!
4) Do people and fans recognize you in Thane ?
Yes! I have many viewers from Thane! Absolutely love meeting them!
5) What are the different kind of fans  you meet in Thane ? Share some funny incidents. 
Usually they are school or college going Kids! Meeting them in person is the best feeling that I couldn’t describe in words! There aren’t any funny incidents actually but there’s something I always forget to do whenever I meet them is taking Selfies!! Yeah! I am always so excited that I will totally forget to take a picture!
6) What do you love most about Thane?
Thane is know as The City of Lakes! So definitely Lakes! We have beautiful and peaceful places to sit and relax!!
7) Which are your five favourite hang out spots in city ?
Viviana Mall, The Walk, Upvan ( Early morning or At night! It’s very peaceful), D’Crepes Cafe and Poptates.
8) What according to you makes Thane different ?
Everything!! Thane exhibits a mixture of different cultures!! We have Delicious street foods to best Restaurants and Cafes! Jambli Naka and Naupada isn’t less than Colaba Causeway!
Everything here is unique and different in its own way!
9) If you had to do a vlog on Thane what would you focus on ? 
Honestly, whenever I am vlogging in Thane, I am either eating or shopping!! We have amazing Street foods, Cafes in Thane! And My viewers like watching Hauls! So I make “Shop with me” videos! Shopping from cheap and affordable street shops to well known Brands!
10) 5 Things you would want the Thane youth to check/ follow/ subscribe/ watch
on the Internet ?
I think we have amazing Indian DIY Channels on YouTube! So you guys should definitely follow DIY Channels! Vlogging Channels- Pointlessblog, Zoella and Alisha Marie are my favourite Vloggers! And Travel vlogs!
Watch her here…

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